Alan Brown Architect

This firm is dedicated to getting you the building you want and need.  All your work with the firm is done directly with the principal from the beginning consultation to the end of the project.  Pick up the phone and call me.



all sizes - all types

The project range is as great as the type of client.  30 years of local experience has led to almost all types of projects.

strong committment to design



   Different sites and different programs should lead to different solutions.  ABA is interested in finding out what is unique about your project and finding a design solution that goes beyond the ordinary.  The process should be a good experience .

concerned with all aspects of projects







ABA has experience in all aspects of the project , from initial planning through to post occupancy studies.  Services can be tailored to meet your needs .  An initial consultation will help determine what the requirements are for your project.

Close to your project



Located in New Westminster, the center of  Metropolitan Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Projects have been completed in all the municipalities of the Lower Mainland and some of the other parts of the province.


110 - 3 Ave New Westminster, BC, V3L 1L8

Phone  -  (604) 525-5259

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